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The Plate Event

"The best sporting experience of my life. A competition that any handicap golfer cannot afford to miss. A week that I would dearly love to repeat. I can’t wait for this year’s competition to begin. I have no doubt that Matchplay will become one of the most sought after competition on the handicap golfers calendar”."

Declan Quigley
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The Golf Care Matchplay Championship Rules & Formats

1. The competition will be played in accordance with the rules of golf as laid down by the R&A. Approved for the payment of expenses Rule 4-2g RA/1/2012.

2. The competitions will be Matchplay format as prescribed by the Rules of Golf. GPS systems are permitted for competitors use.

3. Entries not received by midnight on 30th June 2014 will be disregarded. Once accepted, entries cannot be withdrawn, rescinded, amended or refunded, other than in exceptional circumstances at the total discretion of the Tournament Director.

4. Entry is open to all players aged 16 or over on 30th June 2014. Should a golfer(s) under the age of 18 on the 1st May 2015 win through to the Grand Final they must be accompanied to Dubai by either their golf partner (If the golf partner is aged over 18) or a fare paying guest and either must take legal responsibility for the minor.

5. Handicap Rule & Requirements:

There will be a total of 3 events in the Golf Care Matchplay Championship:
Men’s Pairs CONGU ‘Active’ – (A) Only for both players
Mixed Pairs CONGU ‘Active’ & ‘Non-Active’ – (A) & (B)
Men’s Singles CONGU ‘Active’ - (A)

There will be 2 events in The Plate Event:
Men’s Pairs CONGU ‘Active’ – (A) Only for both players
Men’s Singles CONGU ‘Active’ - (A)

(A) CONGU ‘Active’ - a current member of a CONGU affiliated golf club who has played in at least 3 handicap qualifying competitions in the past 12 months. Throughout the competition all players must maintain an 'active' handicap.

(B) CONGU ‘Non Active’ – a current member of a CONGU affiliated golf club with a handicap.

Maximum handicap is 28 for men and 36 for ladies. Current handicap certificates must be taken to each match and shown to the opponents before the match commences. If a competitor does not provide a handicap certificate on the day of the match he/she must provide proof of handicap to the organisers within 48 hours of completion of the match if requested by the opponents.

At least one player (per team) must hold a valid handicap at their elected ‘home’ Golf Club venue. If this is an issue, please seek advice from the Tournament Director prior to your first round.

Entry into multiple competitions:

Players may enter the Men’s Singles event as well as one of the Pairs competitions (either the Men's Active or the Mixed). Players cannot enter more than one Pairs event.

Players can also apply to enter The Plate Event. The format of the Plate Event is Men’s Singles and Men’s Pairs. Entry to this competition can only be accepted if you are knocked out of the first round of the Golf Care Matchplay Championship.

Players will only be permitted to reach the Grand Final in one competition. In the event that a player has reached a Regional Final in both the Singles and one of the Pairs competitions:

- that player will be required to play in that Regional Final with his partner in the Pairs competition;

- that player's individual score will count towards both the Pairs competition and the Singles competition in that Regional Final;

- in the event that the player's score at the Regional Final is good enough to qualify for both the Singles and the Pairs competition at the Grand Final, the player will only be permitted to progress through to the Pairs competition at the Grand Final;

- in the event that the player's score at the Regional Final is good enough to qualify for either the Singles or the Pairs competition at the Grand Final, the player will progress through to the Grand Final in the relevant competition for which he has qualified.'

6. To help preserve the integrity of The Matchplay Championship, the organisers’ reserve the right to disqualify a player or players from the tournament (in any category) in the event that the tournament committee determines, in its absolute discretion, that a player’s handicap is inaccurate (ie. higher) when compared with their actual playing ability. The tournament committee will determine whether a player’s handicap is inaccurate by taking into consideration any or all of the following:

1) handicap history review;
2) previous tournament/competition results;
3) current sanctions from any other national golf tournaments or from any County or National golf administrative bodies;
4) judgement on the relevance of completed competitions within the past 12 months;
5) complaints which are in the public domain and any other handicap inconsistencies that are brought to our attention.

Under this rule, if the tournament committee decides that a player or players should be disqualified from the tournament, the player or players will be notified accordingly and the tournament committee’s decision will be final. Any decision is totally discretionary and no negotiation or dialogue will be entered into. In the event of one of the above decisions being enforced then the player or players will be offered a full refund of their entry fee should they so wish.

7. The entry fee is £30 per person per event. There is a £2 administration fee per person (not per event).

8. Players will be notified of their opponents in each round by e-mail. A valid email address must be provided. No other confirmation of entry will be issued.

9. The player(s) which play must be the same as that named on the entry form. Changes in players are not allowed once the entry has been accepted. If a team needs to change a player prior to the first round they must request permission from the Tournament Director.

10. All players are equally responsible for contacting opponents to arrange a mutually suitable date and ensuring play is possible at the chosen course at the time agreed. Teams should share any green fee payable where courtesy of the course has not been granted.

11. The winning pair/single in each round must notify the organiser in writing (e-mail/fax/post) by the prescribed date. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Failure to play a match by the prescribed date will result in the disqualification of both pairs/singles.

12. The winning team/single that registers their results first will benefit from home advantage in the next round.

13. By entering into this event you automatically give permission for your name and contact information to be made available to other competitors, and for your name and image to be used for publicity purposes where required by the organisers.

14. Qualifying rounds will be played between July 2014 and March 2015. Regional Finals will be held in April 2015.

15. The Grand Final will be held at The Els Club, Dubai with finalists staying at Courtyard by Marriott, Dubai Green Community, from from 9th – 16th May 2015.

16. All players who win through to the Grand Final must be in possession of a current valid passport. The Matchplay Championship accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury. Winners should ensure that they have appropriate travel insurance in place should they win through to the Dubai Final.

17. The invitation to the Grand Final will include return scheduled economy flights from the UK to Dubai, internal transfers, 7 nights’ accommodation including bed, breakfast & dinner, single or twin accommodation and four rounds of golf with a free place at the Grand Prize Giving Gala Dinner.

18. All players at the Grand Final will be responsible for any other expenses such as travel upgrades, airport taxes, caddies, golf carts, drinks, additional food and other activities.

19. Friends, relatives, supporters can travel and be accommodated entirely at their own expense. The organisers have arranged special rates. Interested parties should contact the Tournament Director.

20. Course conditions: the home team has the responsibility to ensure that the course is fit for play and to inform visiting golfers of the Local Rules prior to match day. If it is essential that Winter Rules be in operation, then these should still allow for the fair and proper playing of the match. If not, the match should be switched to the away course providing it complies with the acceptable Winter Rules and is available. Course closure on match day: if the home course is closed or does not comply with acceptable Winter Rules on the day of the match, and the away course is open and does comply with the Winter Rules, the match should automatically switch to the away course (subject to availability on the agreed match day). Alternatively, if neither course complies with the Winter Rules on the first agreed match date either an alternative date should be found to play at the home club, or the home team may elect to play on a neutral course but if so they will be responsible for any green fees.

You MUST notify the visiting team/individual of any winter rules when arranging your match and unless he or she agrees to play the match under those rules (or the away course has similar conditions in force) then the away team can claim home advantage if any of the following apply:

a) Carrying a piece of Astroturf mat around and playing from it.
b) Generally dropping off the fairway in the semi rough or rough. The odd fairway is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes.
c) Generally teeing the ball up on the fairway. The odd fairway is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes.
d) Winter tees and greens are acceptable (maximum 6) as long as they do not manifestly alter the length of the course. In the case of winter greens these must be cut to an appropriate height and the holes MUST be regulation size.

In winter conditions up to nine holes can be closed as long as the nine that are open and to be played twice are using proper tees and greens. Remember too that the stroke index on the holes that are open may need to be adjusted to allow a fair spread of shot holes. If you are unsure about this please contact the Tournament Office.

21. In the event that play is not possible at either Regional or Grand Finals, the Tournament Director reserves the right to settle the competition in any way deemed fit. The Matchplay Championship cannot guarantee that the regional finals or grand final will be broadcast on a Sky Sports channel. In the event that the programme is not broadcast on Sky Sports, for whatever reason, the Matchplay Championship will not accept any responsibility or liability.

22. All queries should be directed to the Tournament Director at the address shown.

23. The Matchplay Championship rules also incorporate any and all of the FAQ’s as contained in the FAQ section of this website. All players must be fully aware of the rules (including the FAQs) prior to the start of the tournament and be aware of, and maintain a full understanding of, the rules throughout the tournament.

24. If an entrant has previously attended a Matchplay Championship Grand Final then the organisers reserve the right to:

a) Refuse to accept their application
b) Carry out a Handicap Review which may or may not result in a handicap reduction whilst playing in the event.

In respect of either of the above scenarios, the entrant will be notified accordingly and the Tournament Director’s decision is final. Any decision is totally discretionary and no negotiation or dialogue will be entered into. In the event of one of the above decisions being enforced then the entrant will be offered a full refund should they wish.

25. The Matchplay Championship reserve the right to refuse entry, issue disqualification where appropriate and change the Grand Final venue and date of any rounds at any time without prior notice.

26. The Matchplay Championship accepts no liability for death or injury of any person involved or participating in the Event or for loss of or damage to any items owned by or in the care custody or control of the persons previously mentioned in this clause.










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