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The Plate Event

Matchplay Championship Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter multiple competitions in The Matchplay Championship?
Yes. Players may enter the Men’s Singles event as well as one of the Pairs competitions (either the Men's Active or the Mixed). Players cannot enter more than one Pairs event.

Players can also apply to enter the The Plate Event. The format of the Plate Event is Men’s Singles event as well as the Men’s Pairs. Entry to this competition can only be accepted if you are knocked out of the first round of the Golf Care Matchplay Championship. For further information go to The Plate Event Page.

Players will only be permitted to reach the Grand Final in one competition. In the event that a player has reached a Regional Final in both the Singles and one of the Pairs competitions:

  • • that player will be required to play in that Regional Final with his partner in the Pairs competition;
  • • that player's score will count towards both the Pairs competition and the Singles competition in that Regional Final;
  • • in the event that the player's score at the Regional Final is good enough to qualify for both the Singles and the Pairs competition at the Grand Final, the player will only be permitted to progress through to the Pairs competition at the Grand Final;
  • • in the event that the player's score at the Regional Final is good enough to qualify for either the Singles or the Pairs competition at the Grand Final, the player will progress through to the Grand Final in the relevant competition for which he has qualified.'

How is the event structured?
The tournament has been split into three competitions:

  • • Men's CONGU Active
  • • Mixed Pairs CONGU Active/Non-Active
  • • Men’s Singles CONGU Active

For the purpose of the event, the UK is split into 8 regions: Scotland, Ireland, Yorkshire & North East, North West, East Midlands, Wales & West Midlands, South West and South East.

The initial rounds prior to the Regional Finals will be played on a Matchplay knock out basis. At the end of the knock out stages, any teams or singles remaining go through to one of two Regional Finals.

Two Regional Finals (North & South) will take place at venue to be confirmed. The format will be better-ball stableford for the pairs and stableford for the singles with competitors competing against players from their own competition.

How do timings for the event work?
Up to 5 knockout rounds will be played before the Regional Finals. A deadline date will be set for each knock out round and matches MUST be completed by this date, otherwise teams will be liable for disqualification. These dates would normally be between 4-5weeks apart, but given that matches continue over the winter period, some deadlines will be more generous.

Important Dates

Rounds to be played: July 2014 to March 2015

Regional Finals: April 2015

Dubai Final: Dates TBC

Can you clarify the handicap ruling?
Handicap Rule & Requirements:

For full details please go to Your Handicap.

Where are the matches played?
Matches in the knock out stage are played either Home or Away within your own region, with the Player 1’s club deemed the Home Club for the purposes of the tournament. Every effort will be made to minimise travelling distance for teams drawn away. The post-code of the ‘Home’ course will be used as a reference.

How are the green fees handled?
In some cases home clubs will offer courtesy of the course to visiting players. Where green fees are paid, these shall be shared equally between the players.

How are the matches arranged?
Each pair/single receives notification of its forthcoming match by email with each team/individual being drawn either Home or Away. Player 1 on the entry form will be sent the names, contact numbers and venue of their opponent(s).

NB: Priority in getting Home Draws will go to teams notifying their result EARLY

What happens if I can’t complete the match within the deadline?

The Tournament Director has the right to disqualify any teams who fail to complete their match by the deadline date. Players should consult the Tournament Director if they have a problem. The Tournament Director may, in his absolute discretion, grant extensions to play matches. However, if the match has not been played by the end of the extension period (if any), the Tournament Director has the right to disqualify both teams/individuals or, at the option of both teams/individuals (who must agree to this), the Tournament Director may decide the match on the toss of a coin.

How are the handicap strokes worked out?
For Pairs: Players receive ¾ of the difference between their handicap and that of the lowest handicap player in the four-ball. Thus, in a four ball where one player plays off a handicap of 2 and the others each play off 18, each of the three 18 handicappers receives 12 shots (ie ¾ of the difference between their handicap and the 2 handicapper).

For Singles: The player with the highest handicap receives the full difference of strokes between his handicap and that of his opponent. Therefore, if Player A has a handicap of 2 and Player B has a handicap of 18, Player B will receive 16 shots.

How do ladies take their handicap shots?
Ladies take their shots according to the Men’s Stroke Index. However, they also receive additional courtesy shots equivalent to the difference between the Men’s and Ladies Standard Scratch Score. Any such difference should be added to the lady’s handicap before calculating her ¾ difference.

Can I use a buggy?
A buggy can be used on medical grounds but you will need a doctor’s note and have received permission from the tournament director.

Can I use a GPS system or a range finder?
During matches players may use devices that gauge or measure distance only. Use of a device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc) is prohibited and is in breach of R&A Rule 14-3. Penalty is disqualification.

Can I change my playing partner?
No, changes cannot can be made to a team’s players once their first match has been played. Any changes prior to this must be sanctioned by the Tournament Director.

Who informs the Organisers of the match results?
Once a match has been played, the winners are responsible for informing the Tournament Director of the result. Results should be emailed to: admin@matchplaychampionship.co.uk

What happens if we have to cancel an arrangement to play a match?
Where an arrangement to play a match is cancelled within 48 hours, the opponent(s) may claim the match.

Do we have to play at the nominated course?
Normally yes, but exceptional circumstances the venue for a match may be changed by mutual agreement between the two teams/individuals.

Which tees are the matches played from?
Whenever possible, matches should be played from the medal tees. However, in the event that this is not possible, matches should be played from the tees of the day ie. white or yellow tees for men and reds for ladies. Different tees can be used by mutual agreement between the two teams/individuals, and with the agreement of the club.

What happens if the match remains all square after 18 holes?
The match will go into extra holes starting at the 1st, with handicap strokes being taken in accordance with the stroke index on the card.

Note on Disqualification
Where players fail to comply with Rules of the Tournament or if teams/individuals are found not to meet the entry criteria, they shall be disqualified from the event. The Tournament Director’s decision shall be final and binding in all matters relating to the running of the Tournament.

What happens if we have to abandon the match due to fading light?
If, by mutual consent, the match has to be abandoned during extra holes due to fading light or unfit course conditions, the match shall be continued as soon as possible over 18 holes of the away team’s/individuals course, at a mutually convenient time/date. If a match has to be abandoned during play of the original 18 holes, the players shall resume from the point where the match was abandoned, in accordance with The Rules of Golf.

Winter conditions - During the early months of the year we always have winter conditions in place. Is this acceptable?
It depends on the conditions. Our rules state that if winter rules are in force they should still allow for the fair and proper playing of the match. You MUST notify the visiting team/individual of any winter rules when arranging your match and unless he or she agrees to play the match under those rules (or the away course has similar conditions in force) then the away team can claim home advantage if any of the following apply:

a) Carrying a piece of Astroturf mat around and playing from it.
b) Generally dropping off the fairway in the semi rough or rough. The odd fairway is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes.
c) Generally teeing the ball up on the fairway. The odd fairway is acceptable if it is for course maintenance purposes.
d) Winter tees and greens are acceptable (maximum 6) as long as they do not manifestly alter the length of the course. In the case of winter greens these must be cut to an appropriate height and the holes MUST be regulation size.

Winter Conditions - Nine of the home courses holes are closed. Can the away course claim home advantage?
In winter conditions up to nine holes can be closed as long as the nine that are open and to be played twice are using proper tees and greens. Remember too that the stroke index on the holes that are open may need to be adjusted to allow a fair spread of shot holes. If you are unsure about this please contact the Tournament Office.

How are disputes settled?
If agreement cannot be reached between two teams, the Tournament Director should be consulted and his decision shall be final.

Helpful Hints

  • • Please check for any obvious anomalies with your draw (e.g. two men in the mixed).
  • • If you’re struggling to get in touch with a pair and we have no more contact numbers, try their home club.
  • • Do check your opponents’ handicap certificates BEFORE you play. You should bring these to ALL your matches.
  • • Email your results where possible. If you email AND Fax AND Telephone it clogs up the system.
  • • Don’t wait for your opponents to contact you. Take action and try to contact them. The sooner you all make contact the better.
  • • Wherever possible, use e-mail rather than telephone for contacting the Tournament Office.

Tournament Office Contact Details

Tournament Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

Administration: admin@matchplaychampionship.co.uk
Match Results: admin@matchplaychampionship.co.uk

Entries & Administration: 0800 158 2189

0845 305 8100


Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email in the first instance.

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