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"I never thought at my age and my level of golf I would win a prize in golf that will live long in the memory and that I will talk about for many a year to come."

Cyril Morris
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The Els Club, Dubai
Course Flyover Video Gallery

Front Nine


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 1
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 1

Hole 1

Par 4

Black Tee 445 Yards

Blue Tee 415 Yards

White Tee 387 Yards

Red Tee 330 Yards

Ernie's Tip: A very hospitable start to your round as this hole offers a wide landing area for your drive but beware of the desert on the righthand side. That bunker on the left side of the fairway is best avoided. You’ll need to hit a sweet iron shot to ensure that your ball holds the putting surface or you may find your short game is put to the test early in the round. The best miss is short right.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 2

Hole 2

Par 3

Black Tee 213 Yards

Blue Tee 188 Yards

White Tee 146 Yards

Red Tee 114 Yards

Ernie's Tip: Classic risk-reward, this one. If the pin is cut left or even middle of the green you will need to take on the front left bunker which is where the risk element comes in. Upon finding the green the ball will be influenced by the slopes to move left to right and you may even find the ball has been collected by the back bunker. A par can still be had if you bail out to the right of this green.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 3

Hole 3

Par 4

Black Tee 443 Yards

Blue Tee 389 Yards

White Tee 357 Yards

Red Tee 311 Yards

Ernie's Tip: The decision you make on the tee is of huge importance. The longer hitters will contemplate flying the sea of bunkers rewarding a short iron in. The safe route may leave a mid - long iron to the green which is surrounded by bunkers.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 4
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 4

Hole 4

Par 3

Black Tee 178 Yards

Blue Tee 148 Yards

White Tee 116 Yards

Red Tee 98 Yards

Ernie's Tip: This is the shortest hole on the course, but it's no push over. The green is dome shaped like an upturned saucer, so you've got to hit a pure shot in here, otherwise the ball easily gets swept off into one of the run-off areas either side of the green. The green slopes back to front so over-clubbed shots leave difficult chips back down the slope.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 5

Hole 5

Par 5

Black Tee 544 Yards

Blue Tee 522 Yards

White Tee 485 Yards

Red Tee 400 Yards

Ernie's Tip: A real birdie opportunity if you can avoid finding the numerous bunkers off the tee which lie in wait up that left hand side. In order to find the green in two you will need to hit it tight up the side of the bunkers on the left. There is plenty of room right which in turn leaves you the smart play of laying-up.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 6

Hole 6

Par 4

Black Tee 405 Yards

Blue Tee 384 Yards

White Tee 372 Yards

Red Tee 291 Yards

Ernie's Tip: Deciding to play for position with a long iron or utility club makes sense but could also leave a very daunting approach given that the green is protected by severe drop-offs front and right.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 7
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 7

Hole 7

Par 4

Black Tee 440 Yards

Blue Tee 379 Yards

White Tee 354 Yards

Red Tee 283 Yards

Ernie's Tip: This hole looks scary from the tee, but it is actually a lot less intimidating than you might think. Play it safe with a fairway metal or long iron off the tee - that way you should the fairway bunker. Side hill lie will alyways bring the water into play.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 8
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 8

Hole 8

Par 5

Black Tee 562 Yards

Blue Tee 514 Yards

White Tee 475 Yards

Red Tee 438 Yards

Ernie's Tip: The landing area for your drive narrows between two large bunkers on the left and dunes on the right so the harder you bomb your driver the more accurate you need to be. Trying to chase the ball onto the green is virtually impossible given that the desert snakes up the right-hand side so the play here is to lay-up 70-100 yards short of the green.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 9
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 9

Hole 9

Par 4

Black Tee 507 Yards

Blue Tee 466 Yards

White Tee 418 Yards

Red Tee 374 Yards

Ernie's Tip: The longest par 4 on the course and demands your full attention. The tree in the middle of the fairway could jeopardize your chances of getting home in two if you don't hit far enough or up the right side. Your job is not done yet as you still need to hit a long iron or fairway metal to get a green that has fall-offs left and right.

Back Nine


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 10

Hole 10

Par 4

Black Tee 467 Yards

Blue Tee 438 Yards

White Tee 403 Yards

Red Tee 337 Yards

Ernie's Tip: The back nine starts with yet another great hole. If you can shape the ball from left to right you will find yourself between the two fairway bunkers. This green is the longest on the course so don't be fooled into under-clubbing.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 11
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 11

Hole 11

Par 3

Black Tee 209 Yards

Blue Tee 184 Yards

White Tee 165 Yards

Red Tee 146 Yards

Ernie's Tip: This straight forward par 3 generally plays downwind but as it's slightly uphill, club selection is crucial. When the pin is cut near the front of the green it is easier to attack but beware of any miss-hit shots as they will inevitably find one of the four bunkers guarding this green.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 12

Hole 12

Par 4

Black Tee 429 Yards

Blue Tee 396 Yards

White Tee 379 Yards

Red Tee 307 Yards

Ernie's Tip: The only hole with no bunkers waitinf for your tee shot. However, don't push your drive as finding the green from the desert is extremely difficult. A well stick mid - short icon, avoiding the two greenside bunkers, will offer a realistic birdie change.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 13
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 13

Hole 13

Par 5

Black Tee 554 Yards

Blue Tee 501 Yards

White Tee 464 Yards

Red Tee 428 Yards

Ernie's Tip: If you've got the power, you can carry the fairway bunker. If not, you'd better be accurate because a visit to the sand here will cost you at least one shot. There's plenty of space further down the fairway, though, so you can be pretty aggressive with your second shot. The green features plenty of undulations with four strategically positioned bunkers waiting for any stray approach shots.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 14
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 14

Hole 14

Par 4

Black Tee 472 Yards

Blue Tee 418 Yards

White Tee 376 Yards

Red Tee 335 Yards

Ernie's Tip: If you can fly the bunkers you will be faced with a very manageable short shot but catch the bunkers makes par a great score. The more conservative play is to position your drive on the right side of the fairway which provides a better angle into this semi-blind green. Play for the right side of the green.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 15
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 15

Hole 15

Par 4

Black Tee 489 Yards

Blue Tee 420 Yards

White Tee 375 Yards

Red Tee 333 Yards

Ernie's Tip: Great hole this one. Easily one of the hardest holes on the course. Position off the tee is key to making par or bettwe. Don't be tempted to chew too much off the water. A mid - long iron should be aimed left of the green as a bail out option. Once you have found the putting surface you could face a lengthy putt with a number of double breaks.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 16
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 16

Hole 16

Par 4

Black Tee 350 Yards

Blue Tee 316 Yards

White Tee 290 Yards

Red Tee 255 Yards

Ernie's Tip: This hole offers the longer hitters a chance to drive the green. However, the punishment for lack of accuracy is shortsiding yourself requiring a touch of magic to chip it stiff. Using a fairway metal off the tee should leave a short - mid iron will still allow a chance to attack the pin.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 17
The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 17

Hole 17

Par 3

Black Tee 212 Yards

Blue Tee 194 Yards

White Tee 164 Yards

Red Tee 137 Yards

Ernie's Tip: A hole perfectly set up for a player who hits a draw as the green sits diaganolly from front right to back left. Any shot that falls short of the putting surface will find the desert where your best bunker shot will be required.


The Els Club, Dubai - Hole 18

Hole 18

Par 5

Black Tee 619 Yards

Blue Tee 557 Yards

White Tee 516 Yards

Red Tee 426 Yards

Ernie's Tip: Only the longest of long will have any chances of getting home in two at this closing par 5. In fact finding the grass from the back tee across the vast expanse of desert is difficult enough. Play this hole smart though and a birdie can be found. Aim to position your drive up the right side of the fairway which will avoid the lone bunker but also allow you to see what's ahead. A good fairway wood will leave just a short iron to a green that slopes from right to left. Avoid the greenside bunkers and you are looking at a birdie... a sweet way to finish.



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